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Low pressure regulator hoses
Regulator hoses. Standard
Standard regulator  - 27" long   black  hose LP-27B. 15.70


Regulator hose  - 32" long black.  Suitable for octopus alternate air source   LP-32B.16.20    


Regulator hose  - 36" long black.  Suitable for octopus alternate air source.  LP-36B   16.70  

Regulator hose - 36" ,92cm long. Yellow   Suitable for octopus alternate air source.  Yellow.LP-36Y 17.50


Regulator hose LP-39Y - 39" ,1 metre" long. Suitable for octopus alternate air source.  Yellow   as pictured17.50
Regulator hose LP-78Y -,2 metres long.   Suitable for octopus alternate air source, with.  Yellow 24.50 
Regulator hoses braided Extraflex

Extraflex hoses for extra flexibility and braided for extra durability.

Regulator low pressure hose braided 27" black,  18.50


Regulator low pressure hose braided  27" blue   18.50


 Regulator low pressure hose braided. 36" black  21.50 


Regulator low pressure hose braided  1 metre"  39"yellow 21.50 


Regulator low pressure hose braided . 1.5 metres yellow 21.50 


Regulator low pressure hose braided . 2.0 metres yellow 24.50


Low pressure inflator hoses, BCD/Dry suit
Inflator hoses standard
Standard fit BCD inflator hose IFLP-1 27" long   3/8" thread   15.70


Standard fit BCD inflator hose IFLP-2 29" long   3/8" thread   15.90


Standard fit BCD inflator hose IFLP-3 33" long   3/8" thread   16.20


Standard fit BCD inflator hose IFLP-4 35.5"(90cm) long   3/8" thread   17.70. 


Inflator hoses Extraflex
Extra flex braided standard fit bcd hose    hose IFLP-1E  black 68.5CM (27") 18.70. 


Extra flex braided standard fit bcd hose

  hose IFLP-1EYellow 68.5CM (27") 18.70. 


Extra flex braided standard fit bcd hose 

  hose IFLP-1Eblue 68.5CM (27") 18.70. 


High pressure hoses
High pressure hoses. 
Hose. HP-6 High pressure hose. 15cm/6"  Black     16.00.   


Hose. HP-23 Standard high pressure. 60cm 23.5"  Black  18.50. 


Hose. HP-31  Standard high pressure hose. 80cm/31.5"  Black  19.00.  


Hose. HP-35  Standard high pressure hose. 90cm/35.5"    19.00.  


High pressure hoses. Braided Extraflex
Hose. HP-1E   lHigh pressure hose with swivel. 15cm/6"       18.00.  


Hose. HP-2E   High pressure hose with swivel. 60cm 23.5"    23.00. 


Hose. HP-3E  High pressure hose with swivel. 70cm/27"    23.00.  


Swivel pins/spools for high pressure hoses

Swivel pin/spool with O rings


Required swivel between HP hose and SPG. Brass construction.      3.00
Spool 1 Spool 2 Spool 3





Adaptors, swivels and hose ends

The threads described are the ones on the adaptors not the thread you are converting. For example If you want an adaptor to fit a 1/2 inch male  thread on a hose to a 3/8 port you would need a AD-4

Adaptors to fit that hose to the odd size regulator and vice versa..  4.00inc vat

  My number Alternate number    
 7/16 UNF male to 3/8 UNF female


AD-2   4.00
 1/2 UNF male to 3/8 UNF female.       This allows a standard fitting regulator hose to be connected to a 1/2 port.


AD-1   4.00
 7/16 UNF female to 3/8 UNF male. 


AD-3 AD-05 4.00
  3/8 UNF male to UNF female. 


AD-4   4.00


 9/16 UNF male to 3/8 UNF female. 


AD-5   4.00




Hose ends Convertors to fit all regulator hoses. 

HF-1   Apeks dry suit valve. The bull nose type.   Aquatec air 3

HF-2  Suits most inflator/regulator assemblies with larger than standard fitting, Buddy Auto Air (not Mk1) Scubapro Air 2 Apeks,  etc

HF-3  Standard BCD fitting.  Most BCDs and most dry suit not covered by  HF-1  Same fitting as hose IFLP-1 2 and 3.  see above

HF-1  11.42
HF-2  12.60 
HF-3  10.40





AD-1-3   1 to 3 adaptor for when you are short of ports on your regulator. Fits most popular regulators.  

1 x 3/8 male to 3 x 3/8 female. Chromed brass


7.99 inc vat  



SA-01Hose swivel. 360 degrees.Fits between hose and 2nd stage.  16.00 


 SA-02 Hose swivel as above with overhaul kit, spare O ring and silicone grease 16.95




  SA-03 90 degree hose swivel.  Fits between hose and 2nd stage. 11.90

 SA-04  110 degree hose swivel.. Fits between hose and 2nd stage 12.50

SA-05  360 degree hose swivel.. Fits between hose and 1st stage 12.50

SA-06 90/360 degree high pressure hose swivel  7/16

 12.50. OUT OF STOCK


 SA-07     Single Male 9/16-18 (most regulator hoses2nd stage end)     to double Female 3/8-24 (most regulator hoses 1st stage end.


Decanting/balancing hose assemblies

Decanting hose end showing detail


Decanting/balancing  hoses with bleed and  gauge. Available in 300 bar DIN or A clamp fittings.

All hoses 1.5 metres long.

With 350 bar dual scale gauge or digital gauge

Digital gauges now available.

The version without a gauge does not have a T piece as it is ready to use. If you need a T piece fitting but no gauge please email  me first as this is not one of the options listed below. The threads are all standard threads so if you want to swap bits around or alter the hose after purchase then I am sure your local plumbers merchant could sort you out. I stock no fittings other than those as advertised with the hoses.


Dec1         Hose with 300 bar Din fittings and no gauge. 63.75
Dec1-A      Hose with 300bar Din fittings and analogue gauge. 84.00
Dec1-D      Hose with Din fittings and digital gauge. 220.00
Dec1-DV    Hose with 300bar din fittings, digital gauge, valved end, bleed both ends. 232.00
 Dec2        Hose with yoke fittings and no gauge. 69.40
Dec2-A      Hose with yoke fittings and analogue gauge  89.40
Dec2-D      Hose with yoke fittings and digital gauge. 220.00
Analogue gauge. Suits check gauge tools and decanting hoses. 25.00
Digital gauge. Suits check gauge tools and decanting hoses. 149.50
300bar Din hose end with bleed. 29.00  
Yoke fitting hose end with bleed.  30.00  
Valved end Din Fitting with bleed. AH-2. See picture below 45.00
Valved end yoke fitting with bleed. AH-4. See picture below 45.00
Analogue gauge with T piece 28.00  
Hose  12.90  
I can also supply a hose with one end of each. If you want a hose combination not listed drop me a line to


Hose ends with valve and bleed


Din filler attachment AH-2


 Yoke filler attachment AH-4










hose protectors and hose wrap


Warranty on all Red Hat branded goods
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