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Reels RL-2 and RL-1. Heavy duty nylon line with  thumb operated ratchet and snap lock clip

RL-1 80 metres of line

RL-2 over 40 metres.


29.00. Out of stock 


RL-2 26.00




Aluminium handle reel. 45 metres

Lightweight alloy handle with rust free high tensile polymer drum .

blue 25.00
silver 25.00




Line reel with aluminium handle

DR-06 150ft, 

DR-07 290ft. 

DR-06, yellow 23.00

DR-06, black 23.00

DR-07. yellow 24.00

DR-07. black 24.00


Comes with large (11cm) double ended  brass snap hook as pictured

Snap hook available separately see  clips and hooks


Finger reel

For any diving application where you will use less than 165 feet (50m) of line, the spool provides rapid, jam-free deployment and retrieval. Finger spools are the DIR choice for deploying lift devices in the ocean or for use as jump/gap or safety spools while cave diving. 

DR-05 20 metre white line 7.99  
DR-05 20 metre yellow line 7.99  
DR-05 20 metre orange line 7.99
DR-03 30 metre, white line 8.70  
DR-03 30 metre yellow line 8.70  
DR-03 30 metre orange line 8.70
DR-04 50 metre white line 9.50  
DR-04 50 metre yellow line 9.50  
DR-04 50 metre orange line 9.50 out of stock.



Finger reel

Great holiday reel. Use for bottom line or smb. As above but with clip in and fold down handle and crank for easy pocket storage. Yellow line

30 metre finger reel with handle




Compact reel. With 50 metres of line. Spring loaded finger operated lock. Comes with carabiner and wrist lanyard. 


compact reel



100metre reel.

 Hi viz line plus carabiner.

100metre coltri sub 47.50



Sopras Sub

Stainless steel and aluminium reel


Line laying reel with lock. Super quality. Use right or left handed

100 metre with  line. weighs 1kg with line. 54.50
250 metre, bare 99.50


Sealed SMB in carry bag. This smb is fitted with a BCD type connector but without the groove to lock the hose on. Push your hose on to the fitting, pull down the flange and it inflates. When inflated let go and it slides off and up.. You can also inflate them orally.

Fitted with stainless steel D ring on the bottom end (not shown on the picture) and BCD type over pressure valve with manual dump.

The smaller one is ideal for travel as out of its pouch it will fit into most BCD pockets.


 150cm x 20cm 24.00
 130cm x 14cm 20.00




Self sealing dsmb.

Neon yellow only. Orange sold out

Burst one of these and I'll replace it free of charge. Dump valve fitted.

8inches x 55 inches.


Orange DSMB 21.50

Yellow DSMB 21.50



For those unfamiliar with the concept of a self sealing delayed smb, you inflate before ascending (Six inches above the open end is a flexible baffle) and as the smb shoots to the surface the air expands and closes off the baffle so the smb doesn't spill it's air at the surface thus remaining inflated. Fitted with dump/over pressure valve. Yes that is me at the Pinnacles, Farne Islands.     

Warranty on all Red Hat branded goods






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