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Cam Band Buckle

CB-1. Standard plastic cam band buckle. 3.20

CB-2. Stainless steel cam band buckle. Standard design as CB-1. See  cam band TCB-2 for back view 8.90

CB-3 Stainless steel cam band buckle.. Quick release. 10.80

Cam Bands and twinning sets
Cam band. TCB-1  39" long with rubber anti slip pad and velcro fastening. Standard plastic buckle (as pictured


Cam band  TCB-2  39"long Heavy duty. stainless steel buckle CB-2




Cam band  TCB-3 39"long Heavy duty as above but with CB-3 buckle. 





Twin cam band. TCB-4  Extra long band with pinned separator block and two anti slip pads. 




Separator block. Used with two cam bands or (to stabilise a twin set if a twin boot is not used) See above for extra long band and block as a set. The picture shows the pinned version sold with the TCB 4. The standard version comes without pins.



Twin set 1  kit comprising four cam bands (TCB-1)with standard plastic buckles and two separator blocks.



Twin set 2  kit comprising four cam bands (TCB-2) with stainless buckles and two separator blocks  



Twin set kit 3  comprising four cam bands with stainless buckles (TCB-3) and two separator blocks  



replacement drop pockets

Spare drop pockets. Price per single pocket.  I don't make you buy a pair when you have only lost one.


 Nuovo 12.00
 Orion. Also suits Pocket B and Premium weight harness. 12.00
Inflator components and hoses
Inflator Hoses.  

For the full range of low pressure  high pressure and decanting hoses go to "Hoses"

Standard fit bcd hose  suits all the  Red Hat Diving  and Aquatec bcds that I sell and most others, plus many dry suit valves. IFLP-1 27" long 15.70 
IFLP-2 30" long 16.20
IFLP-3 33" long 16.70 


Extra flex braided standard fit bcd hose black 70CM (28")



Hose connector. Fits all hoses above. Doesn't fit the Mk1 inflator


Inflator assemblies and  components



Mk 1


  Old style as fitted to Cratos, Megalift, Aquaholic, Seapro early Maximus (up to 2009) 

Inflator valve. Pictured above. Fits many BCDs as well as the Red Hat models. easy to strip down and service, comes with standard hose bcd fitting.

20.50 .Out of stock

pull dump with wire. 19" 



  Mk 2

Seapro New style as fitted to Orion, Origin, Nuovo and Maximus 2010 on


Corrugated hoses

Corrugated hose 15" 7.90
Corrugated hose 16" 7.90
Corrugated hose 19" 7.90. Out of stock
Corrugated hose 21"


Corrugated hose 22" 8.20

Complete inflator assemblies comprising pull dump, corrugated hose and inflator valve


Inflator assembly suits early models. Aquaholic, Cratos, Megalift, etc  35.00
Current model assembly with 14" corrugated hose   35.00
Current model assembly with 19" corrugated hose   35.00
Current model assembly with 22" corrugated hose   35.50

BCD  over pressure valve. Complete assembly

Fits many makes of bcd, lift bags, rebreathers, dsmbs etc.






Classic over pressure valve. Suits all current Red Hat Diving BCDs and wings. Coarse thread.


Innova swivel over pressure valve. Suits all current Red Hat Diving BCDs and wings. Coarse thread


If in doubt which valve you need. The early type have a fine thread and the later type have a coarse thread.

Mk 1Replacement over pressure valve for older Red Hat Diving models including Aquaholic, Megalift, Cratos, Seapro and pre 2009 Maximus. Valve only not BCD insert.. Not stocked any more but the complete assembly OPRV has the same thread.

Mk 2   Replacement over pressure valve for newer Red Hat Diving models including Origin, Nuovo, Orion and later  Maximus. Valve only not BCD insert.. Classic is the centre pull as shown and the Innova is the side pull with swivel.



Back plate  aluminium (0.8Kg/1.8 lbs);

Aluminium 52.95



Back plate/Backpack. Aluminium

The back plate is available in two materials aluminium  and stainless steel.  plates are 3mm thick and come with a number of mounting slots for the harness, cylinders and ancillaries. There is a lower slot to facilitate the fitting of a crotch strap and slots suitable for single or twin cam bands or stainless twinning bands to bolt on. 

Red 52.95
Blue 52.95
Black 52.95
Silver 52.95


316 marine grade Stainless steel  3mm  

(2.1 Kg/4.6 lbs) 

Back plate/Backpack. 316 grade Stainless steel

New model now in stock. same design as the aluminium ones above with wider range of slots and holes 

50mm and 25mm crotch strap slots. The UK made ones are laser cut then rumbled giving them a nice finish with the sharp edges taken off. There may be slight de-burring or polishing needed in places but generally they are ready to go.

Also available single tank adaptors, twin cam band adaptors and many other bits and pieces. See Maximus page 

316 marine grade Stainless steel  3mm  


Standard backplate. Suits all models of Red Hat Diving branded BCDs from the Aquaholic right up to the current models except the Escape, some versions of the Orion and the Maximus wing system.

Backplate and tank mounting with bolts.


Tool/Mask pocket with snap clip and leg loop with side release fastener. Suits all my BCDs and the weight harness. Will fit most bcds with a D ring on the bottom.

Full range of BCD pockets including a larger version of this one.



Backplate bookscrews. One pair male and female


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Warranty on all Red Hat branded goods

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