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Hose protector HP-1

 Available in black, blue,  green and yellow

All 1.50 each  Blue and black out of stock


hose wrap

Dark blue, mid blue,green, yellow.

Pink out of stock   1.99


key ring, mini tank o ring holder. With pick for removing rings.

See also "Gift sets" for other key rings


For O ring kits go to O rings

key ring, mini tank o ring holder plus. 

Includes 12 O rings and pick for ease of removing worn O ring.

See also "Gift sets" for other key rings




Tank boots   9.95

3.    7 1/4"   P.V.C.  Steel cylinder

4.    8"    P.V.C.  Steel cylinder

Q D slate 6" x 5" WR-1  Snap hook and fastex type fastener and pencil on length of surgical tubing.

Wrist slate. WS-1  qnd WS-3

 3 pages,  arm strap and pencil. 

WR-1 4.90
WS-1 5.50
WS-3 5.50


 Slates with clip and pencil

 WS-7  18.5cm x 15cm

WS-8  15cm x 12.6cm

WS-7  3.50  
WS-8  2.80  



octopus holders

MH-1 and 2 with split ring and snap clip, yellow or green. Red discontinued

MH-3 Silicone necklace. Keeps your octopus or main second stage in easy reach

MH-4 Octopus plug and holder

MH-5 Octopus plug and holder for comfibite

OH-01. Quick release octopus holder. The main body clamps to the hose and clips to the coloured part so can be released by a firm tug. Also great as a hose clamp because the hose does not slide through it but stays where you clip it.

MH-1 MH-1 green 3.60
MH-1 yellow 3.60
MH-2 MH-2 green 3.60
MH-2 yellow 3.60
MH-3  MH-3 black.  3.00
MH-3 yellow 3.00
MH-4 MH-4 standard mouthpiece 2.90
MH-5 MH-5 comfibite mouthpiece 3.90
OH-01 Black, gold, silver, red and blue 7.00







Dry boxes available in yellow, black or blue

snap clips and rubber seal.

Dry box medium.   DB-2  8.50



Dry box large   DB-1 11.75.

Snap clips, rubber seal, handle.

9" x 6.5" x 5.5"



 Sopras Sub heavy duty dry box

Provision for padlock

Sectioned foam insert for personal fitting.

Pressure relief valve

External 35cm x48cm x19cm

Internal 32cm x45cm x17cm.

Same as the Underwater Kinetics Ultra except for the price and of course the logo.



Heavy duty tank wrap (mesh) 

8"dia  fit 15L or  12L dumpies 

 7.25 to fit standard 12L




Cylinder protective webbing. Laces tightly at both ends. I use this on my cylinders.  6.65

Black 10/12      OUT OF STOCK

Black 15         

Yellow 10/12   

Yellow 15       

tank handle  TH-1    Lightweight 


 TH-1  40mm

Out of stock


TH-01  43mm 3.50
Heavier duty than the TH-1. Curved handle so swivels down snug against the tank shoulder and also has a positive stop so the handle doesn't swivel up completely trapping your knuckles against the 1st stage
  TH-2 40mm id 5.50
  TH-3 43mm id out of stock 5.50


Din caps and plugs in plastic and aluminium

Cap plastic 2.15
Plug plastic 2.15
Cap aluminium 3.50 
Dust cap. Yoke fitting 99p
Dust Cap. Fits most yoke fitting regulators   

Weight Keeper   50p each

If you want more than one alter the quantity in your basket and press "recalculate"


Bag Explorer.

Dimension (LxWxH): 72x36x30 cm / 28.3x14.1x11.8 Inch.
Weight: 1.3 kg / 2.9 Lbs.
Volume: 81.3 L / 4959.3
Drainage holes on the bottom.
A long compartment and a strap for handle.


You have seen the quality of the Red Hat Diving BCDs and wings. These come from the same manufacturer.




Dimension (LxWxH): 65x27x35 Cm/26x11x14 Inch.

Weight: 0.6 Kgs/1.32 Lbs.

Volume: 61 L/3,721 C.In.

Lightweight and foldable .





Miscellaneous continued  hanger, silicone, lanyards etc 

see also accessories

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