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All regulator second stages come with a comfortable silicone mouthpiece


























All regulator second stages come with a comfortable silicone mouthpiece





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Custom order your own regulator. All the first stages are compatible with all the second stages. Choose any first stage, any of the hoses and any of the second stages. If you want an octopus just choose one of the longer hoses and another second stage of your choice. If you would like me to assemble it let me know which side you want your octopus. Buy any 1st stage, 2nd stage and hose for around 20% price reduction compared to all prices if bought separately

   Regulator servicing tools

High-Performing & Reliable -- Extreme diving conditions call for extreme regulators. Red Hat regulators give you excellent performance and reliability even at extraordinary depths and in freezing or silty water.

Affordable -- Serious divers rarely own just one regulator. Dual-outlet manifolds, stage and deco bottles, and backups add to the total. Serious divers have a pressing need for regulators that combine top-of-the-line performance with something more reasonable than a top-of-the-line price tag. Red Hat regulators are very affordable.

Serviceable -- All the Sopras Sub regulators sold by Red Hat diving are CE approved in any combination of 1st and 2nd stage listed below. Service kits are stocked if your local servicing engineer doesn't stock them. All servicing details and manuals are available on the info page on Sopras Sub's website 


First stages. Piston


Int or din also with antifreeze kit

Sopras Sub Genius piston first stage compatible with all Sopras Sub second stages. 

Available as a package with Venus or Zeus second stages. Also available with antifreeze kit. Add the price of the antifreeze kit below to the order and it will be supplied ready fitted.

CE certified with either the Venus or Zeus second stages

Robust and simple to maintain

1hp port, 3 lp ports


Genius Din

out of stock

Genius Yoke/Int Din service kit Yoke/Int service kit
69.50 69.50 21.50 21.50

1First stage balanced membrane


  Sopras Sub Jupiter

Extremely compact balanced membrane first stage

Available as a package with Venus or Zeus second stages. 

CE certified with either the Venus or Zeus second stages

2 HP ports, 4 LP ports

Jupiter Din Jupiter Yoke/Int Din service kit Yoke/Int service kit
104.00 104.00 25.50 25.50






Hoses go to hoses for full range of hoses


Standard regulator  - 27" long   black    hose LP-27B 15.70
Regulator hose  - 36" long black  Suitable for octopus alternate air source  LP-36B  16.70
Regulator hose - 36" ,92cm long. Suitable for octopus alternate air source.  Yellow    LP-36Y 17.50
Regulator hose LP-39Y - 39" ,1 metre" long. Suitable for octopus alternate air source.  Yellow   17.50
Regulator hose LP-78Y -,2 metres long. Suitable for octopus alternate air source.  Yellow   24.50 
Regulator low pressure hose braided extra flex. 36" black   21.50 
Regulator low pressure hose braided extra flex. 36" Yellow   21.50 
Regulator low pressure hose braided extra flex. 1.5 metres yellow   21.50 
Regulator low pressure hose braided extra flex. 2 metres. yellow   24.50 out of stock

Second stages (demand valves)

Sopras Sub Venus

New design of pneumatically balanced second stage. With Venus Sopras Sub have designed a regulator combining small size, light weight generous air - flow, reduced breathing resistance and reliable performance at low water temperatures. New controlled Venturi air flow system and sensitivity control knob enhance the ease of breathing and regulator performance. It's body is made of special techno polymer with water holes designed to limit the risk of free flow even in the strongest currents. Price includes hose. CE certified .

Venus 2nd stage  64.57

Sopras Sub Zeus

Our new second stage Zeus is available in combination with all our first stages and is CE certified with Jupiter and Genius. Zeus is a balanced second stage with dive and pre dive regulation and double exhaust valve minimizing the exhale effort reaching a good performance in water down to 3 degrees celsius. The servicing is simple and the construction is solid and compact with a rubber cover and an aluminium ring to hold it over the membrane.  Price includes hose CE certified

Zeus 2nd stage 64.57


Octopus/Alternate air source second stages

Sopras Sub Octopus 1 64.57
Highly visible yellow cover with combination of techno polymers and aluminium. Pneumatic balance. Hose length - 90 cm/35"


 Sopras Sub Octopus 2  Does your octopus go on the left or the right. This goes on either side and works both ways due to the hose connecting underneath on a swivel. A clever idea from Sopras Sub. Soft front for purge. Comes complete with hose.

John's personal choice





Sopras Sub Octopus 3 Including yellow hose 90cm/35"   Aluminium ring



Antifreeze kits suitable for both Jupiter and Genius 1st stages


Antifreeze kit 21.50 

300 bar connection kit for Jupiter or Neptune 1st stage
300bar connection Jupiter or Neptune 24.50 
300bar connection Genius and Zenith 24.50 
 All adaptors are now on the hoses page. Below is only a description but the hoses page has all the buying links




The threads described are the ones on the adaptors not the thread you are converting. For example If you want an adaptor to fit a 1/2 inch male  thread on a hose to a 3/8 port you would need a AD-4


Adaptors to fit that hose to the odd size regulator and vice versa..  3.50 inc vat


AD-2 7/16 UNF male to 3/8 UNF female
AD-1 1/2 UNF male to 3/8 UNF female. 
AD-3 7/16 UNF female to 3/8 UNF male
AD-4 3/8 UNF male to UNF female. 
AD-5 1/2 UNF male to 3/8 UNF female.

1 to 3 adaptor for when you are short of ports on your regulator. Fits most popular regulators.   Chromed brass


6.99 inc vat  



Din A clamp converters

On left AD-11     On right  AD-12

19.89 inc vat

The AD11 is available in 2 versions. The AD11 Red Hat Diving fits most pillar valves including most din convertible valves but some of the newer din convertible valves are large square items and will need the Sopras Sub version.

Both versions of the Ad12 ARE 300BAR.

AD11 Red Hat Diving. Top left.  19.89 
AD12. Top right. 19.89. 
AD11 Sopras Sub. middle 20.99
AD12A. Bottom 16.89.

plug for din valve DC-2A 2.15  dust cap for din fitting first stage DC-2B 2.15 dust cap for yoke fitting first stage 99p dust cap for yoke fitting valve K1 1.50
Cap plastic 2.15
Plug plastic DC-2A 2.15
Cap aluminium 3.50 
Plug aluminium 3.50 
Valve cap K-1 1.50
Dust cap. Yoke fitting 99p

 Replacement mouthpieces

 Std mouthpiece. P7

Black or clear silicone or green rubber.



 Comfibite mouthpiece

Black or clear silicone.


standard mouthpiece P8BS

Silicone mouthpiece with coloured inserts


Available in a number of choices   All come with  tie wrap.


P7 Black silicone standard



P7 Clear silicone standard



Green rubber standard



Black silicone comfibite



Clear silicone comfibite



P8BS red insert 3.50  
P8BS yellow insert 3.50