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Sopras Sub/Amaranto diving cylinders are made of chromium molybdenum steel to 232 and 300 bar working pressure.

All CrMo tanks come with a tank boot but no valve.

Choose valve from list below.

All cylinders are supplied all white and may have Sopras Sub or Amaranto logo.


 Cylinders, single cylinder with boot but without valve. (Choose from list below).
code product diameter and date
707312 7 Ltr 232 bars.  140mmOut of stock 130
707314 Diving tank 7 Ltr 300 bar 140mmOut of stock 149
710233 Diving tank 10 Ltr 232 bar 171mm. Out of stock 139
710311 Diving tank 10 Ltr 300 bars  171mmOut of stock 149
712235  Diving tank 12 Ltr 232 bars  171mm. Out of stock 145
712237 Diving tank 12 litre 232 bar 203mm. out of stock 179
715233 Diving tank 15 litre 232 bar 203mm  out of stock 179
 Cylinders twins with manifold, 50mm or 60mm stainless bands, twin or single boots etc. If you want twin 10s or 12s email me with your requirements for a quote.


730200 Z valve (1 port). Comes with insert (not shown) so the valve can be used for A clamp or din 232bar 35.00

300bar 48.00


741302 Z valve for manifold Left hand (1 port). Comes with insert  so the valve can be used for A clamp or din. Use with manifold or closure 741303.



741300 Z valve for manifold Right hand hand (1 port). Comes with insert (not shown) so the valve can be used for A clamp or din. Use with manifold or closure 741303.



741303  Closure for valves 741300 and 741302 when used without manifold
741301/171 Manifold to suit 741302 and 741300 used with twin cylinders of 171mm diameter.

10 and 12 litre. Not 12 litre dumpy

741301/171-203  62.00
738200 Single valve for nitrox
731200 V valve (2 ports)
732200 Double valve (2 ports) - adjustable
733232 Z Valve II. (1 port) EN 144
734232 Valve H (2 ports)EN 144
736300 Single port VALVE 300bars
737300 Double port VALVE 300bars
Stage bottle rigging
Protective tank net For cylinder accessories click on the appropriate item or go to go to miscellaneous
Protective tank mesh
Mono tank boot
Tank handle TH1
Tank Handle TH2
Tank handle TH3


Warranty on all Red Hat branded goods

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